Pre-Disbursement Identity Verification Form - Login

Your claim in the OPM Data Breach settlement has been approved. Before we can process your payment, because the federal government is the defendant, we need your Social Security number. More information about why we need your SSN is provided below.

Only those parties who are eligible for payment and have not already submitted their SSN will need to submit it at this time for TOP verification. They can call or email the Claims Administrator at to confirm if we have received their SSN information. Class Counsel does not have access to the claims database.

There is not a specific time frame for completion of TOP verification. Please be patient. The website will be updated when payments start to go out.

Section VII.B of the Settlement Agreement, as well as federal law, makes all awards subject to review by the Treasury Offset Program (“TOP”). TOP collects past-due (delinquent) debts, such as tax liabilities, that people owe to state and federal agencies. All awards must be reviewed by the TOP programs before they may be disbursed. More information on TOP is available at The Treasury Department needs your Social Security number for the TOP verification. Under Section V.C.2 of the Settlement Agreement, the Claims Administrator can request such information from Claimants as is needed to make payments under applicable laws and regulations.

After eligible claimants have provided their Social Security numbers to the Claims Administrator and the TOP verification process is complete, an amount sufficient to pay all valid claims (less any offsets required by federal law) will be paid from the Treasury Department to the qualified settlement fund, from which the Claims Administrator will pay eligible claimants. If you do not provide your Social Security number for TOP verification, federal law prevents the Treasury Department from releasing the funds to issue your settlement payment. We cannot change this requirement.

You should have received an email or a letter from the Claims Administrator that contained a Unique ID and a Personal Identification Number (“PIN”). Please enter those credentials in the fields below. If you entered the credentials correctly, you should see fields pre-populated with your name and address. Please do not proceed with entering your SSN if you do not see the fields pre-populated with your personal information and contact the Claims Administrator for assistance.